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Because the mesh is under constant change at this stage it may require some remapping (the preserve UV's feature wont work all the time) wherever possible I use planar projections, the sides of the extruded windows are given a generic Unwr
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  • Author:Stefan,Morrell
Hi all, for some of those who requested a tutorial from me, well here it is. In this tutorial I?m going to
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  • Author:Raymon,Brugman
There are two possibilities when working with furniture. We can create new furniture, or use pre-made models from a library. The question is: when must we use each type? Some people say that using a pre-made model is not very professional thing but w
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  • Author:Packt,Publishing
Someone told me that he saw something to happen in the frame. He could imagine the story outside the frame though his one is different from mine. “Set out for lover” owns its background story. I designed the expression and action for this tree guy, t
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  • Author:T.G.Jay
In this making of I will explain how to model my mechanical dragon and render it in next limits MAXWELL. I'm using 3D studio Max 9 for this.
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  • Author:Erasmus,Brosdau
This time I wanted to concentrate on proper texturing and realism. It took me 5 months of my free time to create this scene. My main goal was to recreate the already existing environment in 3d as accurately as possible to achieve a high degree of rea
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  • Author:Lukasz,Szeflinski
The lighting was also composed ot three additve lights, a main light that helps defining the frontal of the character and two backup lights that would give volume and shape to the armor. Thus giving more points of interest to the lighting
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  • Author:Diego,Rodrigez
For compositing the final image I chose Adobe Photoshop. First, I imported all 4 rendered passes and composited them to create the creature. The bottom layer was the diffuse one, then the ambient occlusion layer with blending mode set to Multiply. Th
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  • Author:Cristian,Patrasciuc
Hello Everyone, I am Piotr Fox Wysocki from Poland. After receiving lots of mails I decided to write a making of The Last Elf in an interviewing way. Hope all of you will like this and if any questions or suggestions have then don’t hesitate to mail
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  • Author:Piotr,Fox,Wysocki
I usually start with a really rough and simple sketch about 4
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  • Author:Chris,Beatrice
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