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Took the front, back and side view photographs into photoshop ... and lined them up approximately .. As you would notice .. i had to combine 2 photos for the back view to get a more relaxed posture for the shoulder blades ... the views were later sep
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  • Author:Bijoy,Thomas
I am pretty satisfied with the progress at the moment but start to get the feel that the whole scene looks a bit dead and lifeless right now. Therefore i start sketching in some spaceships. Besides bringing th image to life they also fulfill other im
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  • Author:Bjorn,Wirtz
Arc Rotate SubObject: Uses the center of the current sub-object selection as the center of the rotation. The selection remains at the same position in the viewport while the view rotates around its center. The shortcut key is to hold down the Alt key
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  • Author:zelal
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  • Author:JY
This tutorial will teach you the basic architectual modeling and working with Editable Poly. This tutorial is strictly for those which opening the Autodesk 3ds max first time or frightened with the number of buttons and options in 3ds Max, but in the
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  • Author:Kresimir,Pernek,Croatia
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  • Author:JY
1-ok palls lets start, I have provided the reference /images which is bought by one of my friends from www.lynda.com he is subscriber of online library lynda.com, these reference /images are not for commercial use, you can use it as your personal exp
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  • Author:Aziz,Khan
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  • Author:JY
Convert it to Editable Poly, now we are going to create some new polygons. In Polygon subobject, select all top center polygons
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  • Author:Filipe,Deschamp
JEALOUSY STEP-BY-STEP by Steven Stahlberg
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  • Author:Steven,Stahlberg
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