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Now simply draw a leaf. Use very thin lines for the outer shape, and a bit thicker for the mid-line. It's important that you take your time, we will not only use it as a reference, it will still be used after modelling. Now you we will mak
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  • Author:Thomas,Rinsch
In this tutorial I am not going to talk about DOF technique in mental ray or Scanline. I’m just going to show the compositional way for simulating this effect with 3ds Max and Photoshop. In this way you just need to render your scene and then you can
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  • Author:Hani,Mohammadi
Now, on your Mirrored Targets, put L_eyebrow_UP in 100, and watch as the geometry of the Right Targets follows. Clone the Right Targets geometry and convert it to an Editable Poly (Fig.09). And just keep things organized, rename the Right _Target01 t
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  • Author:Sigmundur,Mossi,G.son
The deformation can be stored by pre-computing the simulation. Set the folder in which you want to save the individual files for each frame and click "Run". After the calculation, simply pass in "Pre-computed" and you’ll see the single anemone animat
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  • Author:Luca,Broglio
Before start creating the caterpillar we have to finish our wheel’s set-up and then we’ll clone it four times.
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  • Author:Felix,Joleanes
In the Material Editor, take an empty material and name it Black. Set the Diffuse Color to solid black. In the next empty slot change the name to White, and set the Diffuse Color to white, and the Self Illumination to 100.
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  • Author:Jarvis
This GI setup was made thinking about the kind of the scene. An Irradiance map for primay bounces to make a good result without not too much rendering time, and Quasi – monte carlo (brute force in recent vray versions) for secundary bounces, a good c
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  • Author:Luigiko
Step 1- Create a plane, and set the horizontal segments based on how many rows of the pattern will be in your object. The vertical will be for how wide each curve in each line will… Don’t worry, it will clear up below.
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  • Author:Luigiko
without mesh smooth, it will help you be able to model with it later. The same goes for Boolean operations. If you can model without using them, you will be able to get further than by using them alone. Also some of the techniques for controlling the
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  • Author:Luigiko
Create a new image with a basic texture. I’ve used a retouched photo of a concrete wall. Any generic texture is good for this.
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  • Author:Fernandez
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