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To prevent getting into the trap of detailing too early, make sure you have the pen pressure in the ’shape dynamics’ turned OFF (this is located at your Brushes menu). This helps to concentrate on colors and values as opposed to details. When you’re
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  • Author:Laura
If you turn on Preserve UVs, you can perform minor editing tasks without changing the mapping.
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  • Author:Viki,Yeo
I kept the modeling rather basic. For the models that were simple, such as the flowers pots or small stool, I didn't use any reference, but for more complex things, like the clock or the flower cart, I always try to get a few good referenc
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  • Author:Jason,Godbey
I am pretty satisfied with the progress at the moment but start to get the feel that the whole scene looks a bit dead and lifeless right now. Therefore i start sketching in some spaceships. Besides bringing th image to life they also fulfill other im
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  • Author:Bjorn,Wirtz
Modeling - Everything is very simple in modeling except car and bicycle; other things completed using primitives with some extrusion, beveling so we executed everything at high speed. About Car and Bicycle will explain later.
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  • Author:Hamid,Hadidi
Keep doing the modeling as you can see in the screenshots the topology at the moment looks a bit messy but it doesn’t matter for now. You can clean it up later. Keep checking the models in all the viewports otherwise you fix the model in one viewport
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  • Author:Hatice,Bayramoglu
1-ok palls lets start, I have provided the reference /images which is bought by one of my friends from www.lynda.com he is subscriber of online library lynda.com, these reference /images are not for commercial use, you can use it as your personal exp
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  • Author:Aziz,Khan
The idea for the image came when was bored of seeing all those interior renderings everywhere. I really like good interior design, but I wanted to take a look at this from a new perspective. I also wanted to show something usual in an unusual way. So
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  • Author:Stryker
Rem: As you can see each point create an edge in the final poly so it is important to define only needed point to avoid unnecessary poly after the lathe. It is better in all modelization to begin with the less as possible number of polygons and makes
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  • Author:jfliesenborghs
Now select edges on the bottom of the box and chamfer them a little - thanks to this we will be able to add turbosmooth without huge deformation of the model.
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  • Author:olld