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A step by step guide to Using Irradiance Particles and Importons in 3DS Max 2010
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  • Author:Dan,Cormick,-,Extra,Artists
In this video, from “Production Instruction with 3ds Max 2010: Volume I”, we’ll take advantage of mental ray’s ProMaterials to create a nice clay render of the interior scene we’ve been working on. By rendering using the technique shown in this video
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Now you will see the distribution of anemones on the floor, the scene is beginning to resemble a seascape. Now you need to refine some settings. While certain settings are ignored others are not. Density, scale, thickness are still influencing the a
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  • Author:Luca,Broglio
After patching all the meshes I used attached, detached, global stitch operation to refine the nurbs meshes before converting to polygons.There were several techniques of modeling process I used like polygons, nurbs and subD to complete the entire mo
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  • Author:Christopher,Adajar
Here is the first step of the design process. I like to paint my designs first in 2d and forget about any 3d limitations.. freedom!!!! I am basically painting rough shapes in Corel Painter to get the proper profile without paying attention to any kin
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  • Author:Pascal,Raimbault
In the coming months Chris was faced with what he calls 'one of the hardest decisions in his life! This from a guy who’s had cancer twice is something! Through the summer of 2008, Chris started talking with David 'Nak{367art.dyh
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  • Author:Ghouali
Alice wasn’t the only bot that could make one’s skin crawl. Much the same can be said for Reed Man. Reed Man is introduced through a puma-like robot character called Ravage who spits out insect like nano-bugs that pour into a ventilation system. Thes
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  • Author:Saatchi
Then there was the biolume. Saindon offered some insight to that process.
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  • Author:Waldman
Together with our other features and the book produced with the crew at Guerrilla Games, Sony and Ballistic Publishing, we invite you to revisit and explore the production in detail
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The final quality all depends on the lighting, just one phase before the composite. The supervisor of the lighting department, Hada Takuya said "In this project, we needed to show clear transparent color. We tried to avoid using too many layers by tr
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  • Author:Paul,Hellard