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Even though two months sounds like a lot of time, I quickly found I'd have to find a steady rhythm if I wanted to finish on time. My full time job and two kids made sure I couldn't even begin work in this until after 10pm each n
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  • Author:Zeoyn
Then, I could concentrate on adding details to critical areas of morphology like mouth, nose, bowed eyebrows, eyes and ears. During the working process, I pay attention to maintain a clean and morphologically correct mesh and to avoid disharmony, i
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  • Author:,Antonio,Bonora,alias
In the final image, I complete the woman floating before the dragon. It is a delicate part, as her dress has to feel soft and slightly transparent. I add the last touches of realism (like the smoke still coming out of the dragon’s nose) and I make su
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  • Author:Christophe,Vacher
The first thing I did was to have a look for some fine-art references, to gain inspiration for this kind of painting. I did a few tests, specifically thinking about the face (Fig.01, Fig.02, Fig.03, Fig.04) and how I wanted it to be the focal point o
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  • Author:David,Munoz,Velazquez
I learned a valuable lesson from this painting. The time spent in thinking about the image is even more important than its execution. I knew after couple of minutes that this one is going to be strong. There are occasions where I spent days without h
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  • Author:Kan,Muftic
always found Judith to be one of the most fascinating characters – there aren’t many strong women characters in ancient history and she is definitely one to remember. Here’s a shortened version of her story:
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  • Author:Marta,Dahlig
Here you have 15 of the most used Tips & Tricks of the FLORENCE DESIGN ACADEMY (www.FlorenceDesignAcademy.com) to avoid mistakes, errors and imperfections in your projects.
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  • Author:Diane
This tutorial requires 3dsmax 2009 or 2010 and the plugin “Ctrl.Ghost” which allows you to control Irradiance Particles and Importons. Irradiance Particles (IP) and Importons are a hidden feature of Mental Ray 3.6. IP and Importons are similar to oth
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  • Author:Gourav,Sharma
Cylindrical Mapping for the head, is usually a good way to start, then work your way out of it, improving those uv's. The ears are usually the hardest part, sometimes it is a good idea to detach them away from the head uvs.
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  • Author:Fabio,M.,Silva