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To begin, I want to thank IT’S ART for running this contest and all the sponsors for their fantastic prizes. I’d also like to thank everyone who voted or commented on my entry!
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  • Author:John,Strieder
I started with modeling the gun. As I have no clue about guns, I started a search over the Web to fi nd a gun that has a form and shape that I like and fi t my intended look. Finally, I found the Beretta Target, which is a cool-looking gun and in a f
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  • Author:John,Strieder
I used these maps and these setting to define the medallion materials. Bump map was used in the diffuse amount channel.
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  • Author:Domenico,Selvarolo
I used a simple head model for the first modeling. When I was satisfied with the result, with the base proportions of Eastwood´s face, I used this highpoly model for modeling a new topology with using the great Polyboost scripts. I us
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  • Author:Stanislav,Klabik
This tutorial is done with 3DStudio Max 3.0 but can be done with any rendering-software which got the features you need for fake-caustics (that’s: colored shadows and falloff transparency).
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  • Author:Sadeghvand
This is a simple technique, nothing special, it maybe works for one task but not for another. So feel free to improve, or change the technique as you like, to get the result you want.
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  • Author:Karaaslan
In this exercise, you抣l use a Skylight and Light Tracer to add realism to an outdoor scene. This is an intermediate level tutorial. You should be familiar with standard lights and shadows in 3ds max before doing this exercise.
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  • Author:Jarvis
This tutorial will teach you how to create a foggy scene in 3D Studio Max. I applied this effect to the ending result of my previous tutorial about Texturing (Using UVW and Unwrap UVW).
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  • Author:Felix
I am going to build the middle part of the gun first so I add a load of vertexs' around the outline and in key places, then I start building up the faces as shown in the next step.
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  • Author:Geza
Begin by creating a sphere about 2.5 meters in diameter, like the one shown here. Make sure it has a surface name like "ball" (press "q" in Modeler).
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  • Author:Abdelatif