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This tutorial will go about the basics of boolean modeling which will teach you to create some interesting shapes and renders.
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  • Author:Casolino
How to make effect of frozen time in 3DS MAX? Such effect in cinema is made that way. At the same moment the scene is shot by multiple cameras from different angles and positions on the path. Shot frames sequence are collected in video.
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  • Author:Fearon
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Lighting is a critical component when rendering. It can make or break a scene. There are many ways to light a scene - in this section we will review a few methods from simple default lighting to more complex Skylight (GI style) lighting using Final G
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  • Author:Carol
This section shows the early development of the BMW E92 M3 3D model. Created in 3D Studio Max 2009 Design.
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  • Author:Filipe
The BMW M3 model was started in May 2008 using the blueprints found in BMW's brochure for the E92 (Coupe) M3. Assisted by the kind help of BMW M3 owners on www.e90post.com Forum who supplied many reference photos.
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  • Author:Zhelem
The CG image "Dead Angels" is a thrilling digital artwork showing the close encounter of the hero and a long extinguished angel race called "The Illochim".
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  • Author:Ghost
created this image to illustrate the short story written by Jules Verne when he was young: A Winter Amid the Ice .
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  • Author:Carlo
Max2009 starts with Mental Ray selected as the default Renderer. If you are using Max2008 switch to the Mental Ray renderer.
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  • Author:Venus
Using mental ray Arch & Design's glossy reflections it is possible to create very realistic blurred metal surfaces, but as these become less and less glossy, and more blurred,
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  • Author:Ralph