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The scene includes a simple geometry object which will be our Brake Disc and 2 simple MRomni lights. It will already be setup for using Mental Ray, but if you are using your own scene change to MR from the Common tab in the Render Dialogue.
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  • Author:Thomas
ALL Photoshop Textures and HDRIs are included along with the Studio Max Scene file for download - see below.
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  • Author:Oksana
In this tutorial I will outline how to make a quick and simple round headlight using 3D Studio Max 7/7.5 and mental Ray - although it should be perfectly possible to use earlier versions. The second part will outline a method for texturing teh light
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  • Author:Thiago
It would be best if you read the previous tutorial for the RS Alloy to get an idea of what I will be doing - I will probably not repeat some moves and move quite quickly.
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  • Author:Gilbey
What I will outline here is the method I used to create my 13" RS alloys. This is not the only approach - but for 4 or more spoked wheels it is quite useful.
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  • Author:Yinako
Now that we have a repeatable tread pattern we will adjust this block to make it tileable. Create a copy of the block (instance) and move it above the original.
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  • Author:Ghost
This tutorial shows a "quick & dirty" method of creating Tyres using a "low poly" mesh.It is not meant to be the most detailed or accurate method (there are other tutorials on the internet that outline detailed tyre creation with all the little subtl
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  • Author:Reeves
Build enough geometry for sculpting in Zbrush.Sculpt in ZbrushRetopologise in XSISculpt hi frequency details in ZbrushGenerate Normal/Displacement map
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  • Author:Michor,Lucas
Ok now to create the actual flames, we start by creating a CYLINDER and scaling IN the top points to create an almost cone shape, the bottom should roughly fit the base of the fire!
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  • Author:Damir
we need to create laser material. Open Material Editor (press M in keyboard). Select unused sample material slot. Rename the material to "laser". Activate Self-Illumination and change color to light grey. You should now see laser shot clearly in view
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  • Author:Didik,Wijaya