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This tutorial is intended to show you how to make a Coca-Cola bottle using Maya. Although, you may think making a bottle is trivial, but it is easy to overlook some of the tiny details that make your final image more desirable to watch. I will also t
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  • Author:Luigiko
Also the "include indirect light" option on the lightmap shader has been turned on to allow the sky to scatter within the snow. And lastly the lightmap shader has been added to the shading groups of occluding objects to ensure that we don'
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  • Author:Niklas,Brandin
After seeing some pictures from this beautiful place I decided to make a 3D version of this place, I was so impressed by the color contrast and geometric shapes, the sun and the sea at the bottom, at first glance looks like a springboard to the Medit
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  • Author:David,Vercher
We felt we needed something warm with visible human touch in it to create a contrast to that robotic world that the character goes into, so we came up with an idea of hand-drawn backgrounds which are scanned and finished in Photoshop. Also the animat
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  • Author:Geza
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  • Author:nicolas,lesaffre,
ome great things happen when you use the sharpen tool, brings more details to things like logs and leaves, and some of the character details.
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  • Author:Eugenio,Garcia,Mexico
The style of the art and design of Myth 2 are based a genre of fantasy art that was first created by Frank Frazetta back in the 50's and 60's. He has influenced many artists over the years. Frazetta started as a comic book artis
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  • Author:sirgerg
Apply the Blinn shader to our CocaCola bottle. Make sure “Smooth shade all”, “Textured”, “High quality” is check on, so we can see how our bump map looks like in the viewport. You should get something similar to this:
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  • Author:Hamed,Sabri
When the high-res mesh almost done, I import the disc assets into ZBrush, to alter the character’s pose more properly, including the whole body.
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  • Author:Qu,Yu,Cheng
Anto Juričić Toni, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • Author:Anto,Juricic,Toni
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