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In this tutorial I will be talking mainly about how I made the weaved pattern (wattle) for the sides of the chair in the scenes below. There were a few requests so I decided to write about it, I’ve tried to draw the general idea of how it was made, as a final render it might look complex, but breaking it apart you’ll find out that its mainly a repetitive pattern. So here it goes…

1 Making a weaved pattern

Living Room © Skyrill Design Studios

2 Making a weaved pattern

Living Room © Skyrill Design Studios

In this tutorial I won’t be going over making the same chair above, but will make use of the weaved pattern to create a side table, both to make it shorter on you and make something else.

Hope you find it useful, and please leave a comment with any questions or comments :)

3 Making a weaved pattern

Step 1- Create a plane, and set the horizontal segments based on how many rows of the pattern will be in your object. The vertical will be for how wide each curve in each line will… Don’t worry, it will clear up below.

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