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written by Felix Joleanes

Hello everyone!, Clep is one of my latest projects and here i’m gonna explain some techniques that i used to create this image.

To create this project, I needed a basic main idea of what i wanted to show. I wanted to create a clear scence focused on one thing, all the magic will be done only by this object. The beggining was to make its design.

A good way to make good designs is to have a lot of visual references, use them with the creativity, and start to mix things up in the mind finding new ways to show what already exists. Anyway our brains interprets visual stuff relating it with things that they have seen before.

At google i could find a lot of reference to start with, it’s good to save a lot of them in the pc to have them near to watch.

references Making of CLEP

Now with this i started drawing some rough strokes. Honestly i’m not a good drawer at all, but that doesn’t have to be a limitation. Anyway Is very necesary to have very clear the ideas in a piece of paper not matter how badly they’re drawn. Sometimes some stuff that works pretty fine on paper may not work very well on 3d, so this could change during the process, also because a change of mind or something else, so it’s not good to be afraid to make changes to try to get a better looking.

This drawing was pretty easy to draw, because all those circles, i just used a compass.

design Making of CLEP

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